Yeah, I was a bit surprised when I read that in the review.

Castro's (to some) morally ambiguous and not a complete "bad guy" like Mussolini was, so I thought the choice of Castro was interestingly shades-of-grey. Mussolini would be a bit more black and white. » 11/13/14 12:35am 11/13/14 12:35am

My big question: Does it have decent customisation for characters?

For example, one of the things I *loved* in Origins was kitting out my party in all sorts of weird and wonderful armours and weapons, while DA:2 robbed me of that almost entirely and felt really really basic and disappointing on that score. » 11/11/14 5:31am 11/11/14 5:31am

That doesn't entirely apply to American Dad (which is, imo, miles better than Family Guy and the rest). The dad is not fat, the son isn't brain-dead, etc.

I agree the same tired old sitcom families have been around since the year dot, but I actually think American Dad is - at times - a lot cleverer than it gets credit… » 11/09/14 7:11am 11/09/14 7:11am