This is a cut-and-paste from my Facebook to save me typing it all out again:

With less than a week to go until the polls open for the most important political decision in my, and many other Scots', lifetime, the nerves are building up big-time. Since I was a young boy, I've wanted Scotland to have her independence -… » 9/16/14 4:24pm Tuesday 4:24pm

Sad thing is, if they had Wonder Woman on it, she'd probably be falling out of her top and bending over unnaturally to show off her painted-on shortsy-things.


Also, I disagree with your "there's nothing particularly wrong with these characters" - there's PLENTY wrong with Aquaman, starting from the fact he's Aquaman… » 9/16/14 4:13pm Tuesday 4:13pm

Nowhere else in the UK has the geographical ability, currently, to have them. The reason they are in Scotland is because of the deepwater lochs. This is one of the biggest problems for Westminster - they were talking about storing them in France at one point until they can figure out what to do with then, once we… » 9/15/14 12:01pm Monday 12:01pm

But relationships are rarely logical, rational or sensible, especially the best ones. Misunderstanding, misdirection, manipulation - they're all rife, they're not necessarily deliberate, but they're always there.

Moffat's relationship writing is closer to the real relationships I've had than most other TV portrayals of… » 9/14/14 2:33am Sunday 2:33am

They could potentially introduce her in Agents of SHIELD first, as plain old Carol Danvers, with her encountering Marvell or the Kree or some other MacGuffin in order to become Captain Marvel at the end of a few-episodes-long arc to end a series, then she can be given a few brief flashbacks in the movie to explain her… » 8/29/14 12:13am 8/29/14 12:13am