There’s a Scottish artist called David Mach who did an amazing series of “crucifixion” sculptures made of barbed wire and fear. Kinja isn’t letting me paste a link in from my phone, but look them up - they’re truly breathtaking. » 4/25/15 12:58am Yesterday 12:58am

I’m possibly alone in this, but I absolutely hate the Court of Owls. I much prefer more intimate enemies, such as Hush, to the over-the-top ridiculousness of a huge society of undead assassins that have only just recently somehow come into his radar. » 4/22/15 8:41am Wednesday 8:41am

I actually think Baffleck will be a good Batman - he’s a better actor than folk seem willing to give him credit for - but I still can’t shake the feeling that the film itself is going to be an utter pile of horseplop.

I wish they’d just cinema-released the animated versions of TDKR instead. They were excellent. » 4/21/15 6:10am Tuesday 6:10am

Fusco is basically the Harvey Bullock in this version of the Batman universe.

He's fundamentally a good detective, but made some bad decisions and is now redeeming himself and polishing up his tarnished soul back to as close to shiny as any cop can be.

He's my favourite character in the show (despite me being utterly in… » 4/16/15 1:06am 4/16/15 1:06am

"It's hard to think of a character who "won" the game more conclusively than Cersei's father — his dynasty was on top, with his son Joffrey on the throne and his enemies dead or broken. And then, first Joffrey was poisoned and then Tywin was murdered by his own son, Tyrion."

I imagine this is probably just a slip of… » 4/13/15 8:06am 4/13/15 8:06am